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Price Rs. 11000 INR
  $. 220 USD

Rudraksha mala 6mm, 54+1 beads in 22ct Gold with caps

Purpose- For energy, power, dynamism, fearlessness and protection and grace of Goddess Durga. 
For- men and women who desire increased energy levels and strength of mind and spirit.

Configuration-  Mala of 54+1 small sized five mukhi beads of size 6mm strung in pure 22ct Gold wire with Gold caps 



Price Rs. 151 INR
  $. 3 USD


Rudraksha mala 27+1 beads of size 14mm

Purpose- Protection from evil, fears of ghosts and the unknown ,  psychic attacks and negativity . 
For- healers , people having fearful or timid personality and those inflicted with the above .

Configuration: Mala o5 mukhi Nepalese beads mala made of 27+1 thorny beads in thread with knots between the beads. Ideal for Japa .


Item Code: RM10

Price Rs. 351 INR
  $. 7 USD


Nepalese beads mala (14mm) , 9+1 beads in Gold polished PunchDhatu

Purpose- For strength, brilliance and radiance of the sun. For enhancing leadership and administrative qualities . For removing worry, suspicion and fear and increasing self image and motivation.

Configuration: Mala of 9+1 large sized high quality five mukhi Nepalese beads of size 14mm made in Gold polished punchdhatu


Item Code: RM11

Price Rs. 201 INR
  $. 4 USD


Nepalese beads mala (14mm) , 27+1 beads strung in copper with copper caps

16 mukhi rudraksha in 22ct Gold pendent . Also called "Jai" rudraksha and gives Victory at all levels . Brings prosperity and luck.

Configuration; Mala of 27+1 large sized high quality thorny five mukhi Nepalese beads of size 14mm-16mm strung in copper with copper caps. Length approx 23 inches.



Item Code: RM12

Price Rs. 501 INR
  $. 10 USD


Rudraksha mala 13mm, 108+1 beads in thread

Purpose- Unity , peace ,harmony and spirituality . Opens the universe of consciousness and brings one closer to God .
For- Men and Women looking for a harmonious life and increased devotion to God . Also for those who desire an ideal life partner.

Configuration- Mala of 108+1 large sized five mukhi beads of size 13mm in thread knotted in traditional style, and tassel.

Item Code: RM13

Price Rs. 201 INR
  $. 4 USD


Rudraksha mala 9mm (smooth), 27+1 beads in thread

Purpose- Brings the gifts of renunciation and detachment. Power to meditate and to know God.
For- Those who desire increased devotion to God. Worn as a  meditation aid during Sadhana.

Configuration- Mala of 27+1 smooth five mukhi beads of size 9 mm strung in red silk thread with knots and large five mukhi as Sumeru.



Item code: RM14

Price Rs. 351 INR
  $. 7 USD


Rudraksha mala 9mm (smooth), 27+1 beads, in copper

Purpose- Enhancing spiritual vision and development of psychic gifts and intuition . Awakens Ajna Chakra when worn on the forehead during meditation and gives wearer the gift of future insight. 

For- those who wish to make perfect decisions in life which aid in manifestation of goals and dreams. For those seeking spiritual growth. 

Configuration- Mala of 27+1 beads of smooth five mukhis made in copper wire with large 5 mukhi Nepalese as sumeru.




Item Code: RM15

Price Rs. 501 INR
  $. 10 USD


Rudraksha mala 6mm ,54 beads in thread with silver flowers

Purpose- For regulating blood pressure and promoting physical health and mental peace . Excellent for the heart  . Has agni rudraksha 3 mukhi  and Surya rudraksha beads 1 mukhi , 12 mukhi and 11 mukhi for overall health .

For- those who have blood pressure, heart disease and stress related problems. Must for those who cross middle age .

Configuration-  Mala with 6mm beads (54) in strong thread with silver spacers. Length 17 inches.

 Item Code:RM16



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